4 July 2016

Cuckoldry, Kink and Racism

I've written about our views on racism as they relate to the extremely popular "Big Black Cock" and "Queen of Spades" fantasies that many people enjoy exploring. [If you missed, it just look at our mission page for an overview.] However, today I thought of something I hadn't considered before.

As a non-black couple, both of us have always thought of this theme as "anti-white" and "pro-black," insofar as it plays upon and exaggerates the stereotype that black men are physically and sexually superior compared to their supposedly weak, small-dicked white counterparts. Many white males obviously find this emasculating and humiliating, but to the extent that this stereotype is perpetuated in society more generally, even those white males not involved in the "scene" may be impacted by the "lowered" expectations women have in terms of their size and performance as compared to black men.

But is the reverse true for blacks? Do black men experience a generally "higher" expectation from women? While a white male who is big, strong, well-endowed, and skillful in bed may find it simple to impress a partner by easily exceeding these "lowered" standards, does an average black male suffer from a corresponding difficulty to impress based on a "higher" expected standard of endowment and performance? In other words, if you're a normal black man, do you find that this stereotype actually works against you by creating unrealistic expectations?

We'd love to hear from any black men on this topic, either way. Please contact us! Or just post to one of our tumblr.