Our Mission

We believe that uninhibited play is vital to our psychological health and that of our relationships. As adults, some of the richest and most vibrant opportunities we have to express ourselves through play arise in the context of our sexual relationships. Unfortunately, we live in a society that not only sneers at playfulness in adults, but also despises and fears any sexual behavior it views as even remotely "deviant."

We seek to change this.

Our mission is to inspire and enable consenting adults to let go of inhibitions and create, explore, and revel in their own fantasizes and experiences. Let the games begin!

[ A note about racism ]

A note about racism, sexism, and violence

Recently, someone asked whether we considered our "Queen of Spades" and BBC items racist. We believe racism depends on context. Part of uninhibited sexual play is allowing for expression of psychological needs/fetishes without judgement, be they otherwise racist, sexist, violent, disrespectful, etc. In real life we all know that rape, for example, is evil. And yet rape fantasies are quite common forms of sexual expression and engaging in them or fantasizing about them doesn’t make you a rapist (or a rape victim). Similarly, racism is wrong, but in the realm of sexual play, acting out fantasizing about race-based sex doesn’t make one a racist.

It’s important to remember the context. We strive to help create a safe place for people to push boundaries and explore their own psychologies through sex. Sexual play is never a vehicle for articulating moral or political viewpoints.

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